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If you are looking to defend your property against pests, you can contact us today. You count on our 20 years of experience in pest control.

  • Caterpillars

  • Armyworm

  • Cabbage Looper

  • Cabbage Worm

  • Codling Moth

  • Corn Earworm

  • Grasshoppers

  • Pickleworm

  • Tomato Hornworm

When you are looking for a FREE consultation on your pest control needs, we can help you. Don't let bugs ruin your lawn. We use earth-friendly methods to reduce or eradicate pests and prevent them from damaging your property.

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  • Small Insect Pests

  • Aphids

  • Fruit Fly

  • Fungus Gnat

  • Leafhopper

  • Leaf Miner

  • Mealybug

  • Pea Weevil

  • Pepper Maggot

  • Scale

  • Spider Mites

  • Thrips

  • Whiteflies

  • Beneficial Insects

  • Ladybugs

  • Parasitic Wasp

  • Green Lacewing

  • Beetles

  • Asparagus Beetle

  • Bean Leaf Beetle

  • Blister Beetle

  • Colorado Potato Beetle

  • Corn Rootworm

  • Cucumber Beetle

  • Curculio

  • Flea Beetle

  • Japanese Beetle

  • Lily Leaf Beetle

  • Mexican Bean Beetle

  • Sweet Potato Weevil

  • Borers

  • European Corn Borer

  • Peach Tree Borer

  • Squash Vine Borer

  • At or Below Ground

  • Carrot Rust Fly

  • Celery Leaftier

  • Cutworm

  • Earwig

  • Fire Ant

  • Nematodes

  • Root Maggot

  • Root Weevil

  • Slug

  • Snail

  • Wireworm

  • True Bugs

  • Harlequin Bug

  • Tarnished Plant Bug

  • Squash Bug

  • Stinkbug

  • Four-Lined Plant Bug

Keep your eyes open for root symptoms such as clubroot. Contact us today and we will help you be on the lookout for root diseases.

When you are trying to care for your plant's fruits, it's important to look out for the telltale signs of plant diseases. Some of these fruit symptoms include blossom-end rot, catfacing, corn smut, phytophthora fruit rot, and potato scab. Moreover, anthracnose, black rot, and viruses infect multiple plant parts. You can count on our earth-friendly methods to reduce or eradicate various plant diseases.

Know the symptoms of diseased fruits

Always be on the lookout for root symptoms

  • Angular Leaf Spot

  • Bacterial Blight

  • Bacterial Spot

  • Bacterial Wilt

  • Corn Leaf Blights

  • Downy Mildew

Keep an eye out for these leaf symptoms

  • Early Blight

  • Late Blight

  • Powdery Mildew

  • Septoria Leaf Spot

  • White Mold